7 awesome programming languages to learn in 2019

Nowadays, in the time of advancing tech industry trends, learning in-demand programming languages becomes the most popular career path for many. Consequently, the widespread question is which are the top programming languages to learn for the future. The reality of the situation is that there is no overall best language, each has its purpose hence its reason for existence. You learn whatever you need to work with. The language that’s going to be number one depends on the type of work you want to do. You may think AI programming is the greatest thing ever but it might not be so good for you. The best way for figuring out the outstanding programming language is to learn the fundamentals. Once you have your fundamentals you are able to interpret, see, understand which language fits best to your work and personal taste.

However, in light of numerous inquiries on popular tech-related platforms about the best programming languages to learn for the future, here is GitHub’s list of the top 7 programming languages of 2019 in terms of demand and popularity. GitHub is the most popular platform for code management. It’s home to software code uniting more than 31 million users from all over the world. So here we go.


JavaScript is a high-level interpreting programming language initially designed for creating scripting for browsers. It’s not related to Java in any way. JavaScript is a different type of language, a scripting language. It was invented to add programming capabilities to web browsers. It is traditionally paired with HTML and CSS to make up the front end trio of programming languages in terms of building the front end of websites. You can also use JavaScript as a back-end language. It runs fast and does a really good job for a messaging system. JavaScript is one of the essential languages if you are doing a web stack. Basically it does web and is a more client-oriented type of code. Major organizations that use JavaScript are Wordpress, SoundCloud, Khan Academy, LinkedIn, Groupon, Yahoo. Needless to say that JavaScript is very popular, and it is the language of choice for many programmers.


Probably Java is one of the most popular languages in the world right now. It is a general-purpose language that eventually became a king of server-side programming. Java was invented to make it easier to write code. It runs slow, but for many business apps, Java runs plenty fast and is plenty capable. The big advantage with Java is that it’s easier to write and gets the job done faster, especially with the forward type of apps, like web apps. Java is also used in Android development, although that might be fading as Google endorsed Kotlin, the newest faster language. It’s easier and faster to write with Kotlin over Java. So Java might become neutralized in terms of being used for android apps. Although today Java is used hugely for legacy apps that are web-based and server-based. Large corporations using Java include Airbnb, Uber, eBay, Pinterest, Groupon, Spotify, Pandora, Square.


Python is a general-purpose language mostly used for AI and server automation. You can think of Python as a glue that keeps systems working. It’s used a lot in software to automate processes. It is needed in machine learning, robotics, web scraping, server automation, game development and runs on different operating systems: Linux, Windows, Mac, etc. Python is probably one of the easiest languages to learn with its human-friendly syntax. It’s one of the general-purpose languages which runs slow but for certain types of applications, like machine learning, AI, web app, it’s plenty fast and does a great job. Major organizations that use Python are Google, Pinterest, Instagram, Youtube, Dropbox, NASA.


PHP is a multi-paradigm programming language that was designed to create dynamic web pages that work well with databases. It is a general-purpose programming language that is widely used for web application development, server-side scripting, and command-line scripting. Nowadays, it is the top web application developing programming language in the world. More than 80% of sites use PHP in some form or another. PHP 7, for instance, is just as capable as any other programming language. PHP can produce huge apps but mostly it’s used for business websites. WordPress, as well as Joomla, Drupal, different shopping cart systems, are created with PHP. If you want to freelance in terms of building small apps, PHP is the best choice. Major organizations that use PHP are Facebook, Yahoo, CyberCoders, and NextGen.


C++ is the object-oriented middle-level language. It was created as an extension of the C programming languages while it has a higher level of abstraction and still keeps the power of the C foundation. It is a general-purpose programming language that is widely used to work with system or application software drivers, client-server applications, and embedded firmware. People use it to create devices that don’t have a lot of horsepowers and need very fast efficient language. C++ can be used to write any type of very high-performance program. But, this language is not great for freelancers. It is not used to build client-facing software. With C++ you can work for big companies, usually for the programs and apps which require high performance. Major organizations that use C++ are Google, Mozilla, Firefox, Adobe Software, Amazon.


C# is a multi-paradigm programming language. It was developed in the 2000s by Microsoft, as a part of its .Net initiative. Nowadays it is widely used to develop windows applications. It is basically Microsoft’s copy of Java. They share lots of common features. These days you should learn C# if you want to interact with Microsoft stack, write for Windows 10, build web-based apps that are going to be interfacing with back-end Microsoft technologies. C# is widely used for game programming to create games and engines. Certain engines use C# for ray games. It is also becoming more and more popular in mobile development. So C# is another viable option. It is a general-purpose language, but only in case, you are doing work with Microsoft.


The reason that you use Typescript is it gives you a lot of versatility, that you may not necessarily have in traditional JavaScript. It is a superset of JavaScript, which means that it can be used for web applications just like JavaScript but with some cool new features. Typescript makes your code more self-documenting thus it simplifies the documentation process for a developer. It lets the computer keep track of context instead of you and your team. It helps you avoid some common pitfalls since it has done a great job of building a good ecosystem. It encourages API-driven development, which enables you to focus on your API, pay attention to how you are designing your code, how it’s interfacing with other parts of your application. Typescript is also known for its amazing development tools.

Hence, we can say that all these languages are very close in terms of their capabilities. You won’t lose if you learn a language, let’s say Java script and then decide not to code in it for whatever reasons. It won’t be a waste of time since JavaScript learning is 100 percent applicable to any language whether it’s Python, C#, or PHP. There is not enough compelling reason for people who want to switch from one to the other. If a crazy, radically superior technology comes out someday to replace one of them, it will replace them all. At this time there is no such incentive on the horizon.

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